Who Is MC Stan? Bigg Boss 16 Winner

Since the time he has entered the Bigg Boss house, everyone is curious to know Who Is MC Stan? So, let’s find out.

MC Stan is a well-known Indian rapper who has ruled Internet with his amazing rhymes. He has a distinctive voice and raps in Hindi. He also runs a YouTube channel MCStanOfficial with more than 5.8 million subscribers.

He was born on August 30, 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra.

What Is The Real Name Of MC Stan?

His real name is Altaf Shaikh and uses Stan as his stage name.

How MC Stan Became Famous?

MC Stan

He first became aware of hip hop in sixth grade. He first heard Eminem’s music via his brother. Then, in order to comprehend the songs better, he began to listen to hip-hop more regularly and enrolled in English classes. After two years, he composed and recorded his debut song, “Bhalti Public.” When he was in the eighth grade, MC Stan started rapping.

MC Stan first rose to stardom with his debut rap song, “Wata,” which has received over 23 million YouTube views. (Watch video of “Wata”)

Popular rapper Emiway Bantai, in his song “Samajh mein aaya kya,” made fun of Stan and Raftaar. In response, he released his own diss track, “Khuja Mat,” which helped him get greater recognition. The song has amassed more than 44 million views on YouTube.
(Watch video of “Khuja Mat”)

“A diss track is one that criticizes and speaks disrespectfully of a person or group of people using harsh words (and occasionally abusive language). Rappers in the Hip Hop industry enjoy diss tunes regardless of culture.”

Among his most well-known songs are Khuja Mat (2019), Snake (2021), Ek Din Pyaar (2021), Broke Is A Joke (2021), Basti Ka Hasti (2022), Shana Bann(2022).

MC Stan Net Worth

Even at the age of 23 his net worth has already reached $3 million. With his ever growing popularity, he is set to make this amount rise to greater heights very soon.

MC Stan Bigg Boss 16

MC Stan
Bigg Boss 16

After his massive popularity on YouTube, he was set to fly even higher when he was called as a contestant in Bigg Boss 16. He is the youngest participant in the show and has been liked by people for his originality. He proved his mettle by becoming a finalist in the show. Apart from his rapping skills, he also got famous for his style quotient and love for hindi.

When asked in an interview the reason he decided to compete on Bigg Boss, he responded, “It means a lot to me to join the BB house as someone who emerged from a Pune basti (slum). I want to explore this new realm and clear up any misunderstandings. Many people make assumptions about me, perhaps as a result of the way I communicate. They struggle with me because I speak a lot of the truth. My song about a girl recently sparked some controversy, therefore I hope and want to set the record straight. Because they evaluate me solely on the basis of my music, I want people to perceive me differently.”

MC Stan Diamonds

His diamonds have become the talk of the town ever since he has flaunted them but more so after he has wore them in Bigg Boss. His “HINDI” diamond has grabbed the most attention.

He claims to have spent 1.5 crores customizing a diamond necklace with the word “HINDI” because he is so passionate about the Hindi language.

MC Stan Girlfriend

Niya, who is his girlfriend, has appeared in a few of his earlier music videos. She was also included in the song “Khuja Mat” by Mc Stan. Niya, a rapper from Pune, presently resides in Mumbai. However, it is certain that nobody is aware of the rapper’s current romantic arrangement. Niya Surve is better known by her stage name “NIYA LOVE”.

Rapper MC Stan has also dated rapper Auzma Shaikh. They split up after dating for some time. 

MC Stan Height and Weight

His height is approximately 5’7″ or 172 cms and his weight is around 60 Kgs.


What is MC Stan’s Religion?

He follows Islam.

When is MC Stan’s Birthday?

He was born on August 30, 1999 in Pune, Maharashtra.

What is MC Stan’s Zodiac Sign?

His Zodiac Sign is Virgo.

MC Stan Instagram

Instagram: 7M+ followers.

His fan following as increased immensely recently and set to cross 10M very soon.

MC Stan Shoes

The 80 hazar ke sneakers memes first surfaced in his Instagram live video. His comment, “80 hazaar ke shoes hai, assi hazaar ka,” from his August 2021 Instagram live went viral.

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